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Board Member: Creek Week Steering Committee

Summary + Objective: Colorado College’s Nonprofit Initiatives is participating in the collaborative effort to revitalize Monument Creek, the creek that runs adjacent to campus. As a part of this effort, we are hiring a cohort of six students to be official members of the Creek Week Steering Committee that plans Creek Week, a 9-day series of events held in September 2020 that promotes watershed stewardship to help protect and maintain a healthy river system and educates the citizens of Fountain Creek Watershed about their role in managing its resources. Through direct participation on the 2020 Creek Week Steering Committee, you will learn how to be a board member, participate in leadership/governance roles and planning, and develop an awareness and understanding of watershed issues and stream ecosystem stewardship. This position crosses the spring and fall 2020 semesters, and therefore is limited to sophomores and juniors who will be on campus both semesters. It does not include summer work. Participation made possible by a generous grant from the JH Edmondson Foundation. 

Job Description: The Colorado College Nonprofit Initiatives program (NPI) aims to provide experiential learning to Colorado College students with a focus on nonprofit governance, leadership, and philanthropy. As an official member of the Creek Week Steering Committee, you will experience diverse aspects of nonprofit governance, leadership, strategic planning, outreach, and philanthropy by attending and participating in monthly Steering Committee meetings and becoming 
active planners and executors of Creek Week and related projects/programs. In order to ensure that you do not need to work a campus job and therefore split your time for this volunteer effort, the NPI will compensate your time working on the Steering Committee at the same rate as the highest paid student worker here on campus.

Required Interests:  Applicants should have an avid interest in social and environmental impact, the nonprofit sector, leadership and participation on nonprofit boards of directors, and a desire to promote the welfare of humanity and the environment. Applicants should also have deep care and concern for sustainable use and protection of the West’s natural resources, in addition to water issues in the West including scarcity and quality in the built environment.

Additional Responsibilities:
As part of your job (compensated by the Colorado College Nonprofit Initiatives operating budget), you will also lead or participate in one of the following 4 subcommittees of the Creek Week Steering Committee:
  1. Financial Subcommittee:
  2. Job tasks: research and apply for grant opportunities, apply for awards, solicit and follow up with sponsors, plan and execute fundraising events.
  3. Preferred qualifications: Interest in budget, finance, and operations. Strong knowledge of Microsoft Excel functions. Excellent written communications skills. Interest in grant writing and editing; soliciting cash and in-kind sponsorships 
  4. Materials Management Committee:
  5. Job tasks: Coordinate the resources needed for Creek Week community projects. Communicate with nonprofits and business partners in local community. Assist with Crew Leader Training and oversight. Develop data gathering initiatives for Creek Week Crews (biodiversity, photo points, field data and trash collection data).
  6. Preferred qualifications: Excellent oral and written communication skills. Interest in volunteer management. Ability to manage details across a variety of tasks.
  7. Registration Committee: 
  8. Job tasks: Design and implement marketing materials for Creek Week. Ensure registration website and other materials are updated on an ongoing basis. Manage large groups of volunteers. Coordinate with local organizations and community members. 
  9. Preferred qualifications: Graphic design skills. Interest in marketing. Interest in social media. Excitement for growing the skill of volunteer management. Can manage details well.
  10. Communications Committee – students will develop educational materials on watershed issues and Creek Week to be publicized in newsletters and online. Students will also conduct information sessions where they will speak to community members about Creek Week’s mission and how to get involved. Students in this Subcommittee may also serve on the District’s Citizen Advisory Group.

Within your cohort of 6 students, you will participate in an on-campus seminar series on governance, leadership, and philanthropy offered by Kat Miller-Stevens (PhD), Cari Hanrahan (MEDL), the Collaborative for Community Engagement, and other stakeholders. The monthly seminar series will be required for all cohort-members.  

This project aligns CC’s Nonprofit Initiatives with the State of the Rockies research focus -- Urbanization in the Front Range: Vulnerability and Resiliency-- as well as other academic research on Monument Creek across the College and throughout the Colorado Springs Community. As such, you will also participate in an introductory seminar on watershed issues and stream ecosystem stewardship, offered by Cyndy Hines, Project Specialist of the State of the Rockies Project and Allison Schuch, Owner of Watershed Connections, LLC.  

Afternoon and evening meetings/events may be required. Participating students should have access to a vehicle, or should be CC driver-certified to check out vehicles from the CC Transportation Office.

You must agree to be showcased in CC communication materials and to present your experiences to the CC campus, the Edmondson Board of Directors, the Fountain Creek Watershed District Board and its Technical Advisory Board, and Citizen Advisory Group.