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First-Year Program Mentor

First-Year Program (FYP) mentors are responsible for helping incoming students transition successfully to and through their first year at the College. FYP mentors should be prepared to engage with first-year students in a variety of contexts, model behaviors that promote student success, and generally assist students in making the transition to Colorado College.


The primary responsibility of the FYP mentor is the mentorship of a small cohort of first-year students throughout the duration of the entire academic year. As part of this responsibility, FYP mentors will:


  • Participate in a three-hour academic support session as part of New Student Orientation (NSO), including facilitating an academic orientation module and supporting the FYP faculty member as part of the first class meeting.
  • Engage with mentees individually and in small groups throughout the entire academic year to provide guidance, support, and mentorship (approximately 5-10 hours per block, blocks 1-8).
  • Be familiar with the goals and assignments of the CC100 and CC120 courses in which their mentees are enrolled, as well as work with the Advising Hub, Writing Center, Speaking Center, QRC, and Tutt Library to ensure first-year students have necessary learning support.
  • Provide ongoing reports on mentoring activities.


Additionally, to effectively carry out the position, all FYP mentors (new and returning) must:

  • Attend and participate in a multi-day mentor training workshop during New Student Orientation
  • Enroll one section of the GS120: Critical Approaches to the Liberal Arts adjunct class for one semester (Fall semester for Fall Start mentors, and Spring semester for Winter Start mentors). This class will meet once weekly from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm and serves as a practicum to guide and enhance your work in the position.


Required qualifications:

  • Rising Sophomore, Junior, or Senior
  • In good academic and conduct standing with Colorado College, including holding a minimum GPA of 2.75
  • Capable of working independently


Materials to submit:

  • Resume
  • Cover letter, addressing the following:
    • What do you think are the biggest needs of incoming students at CC? 
    • In what ways do you think you are prepared to help students during their transition into college?
    • How has your past work experience prepared you to be a peer mentor?


Professionalism/Customer Service
      a. Dress/presentation is appropriate to work position

       b. Arrives punctually for work and remain for entire scheduled time

       c. Does not miss scheduled work except in emergency circumstances

       d. Interacts professionally and courteously with supervisor (as relevant)
          and others
      e. Speaks with tact, composure, and diplomacy in all circumstances
      f. Monitors own performance and actively seeks feedback for improvement
      g. Supports others in behaving professionally
      h. Reliability is demonstrated with by  showing commitment to
          work schedules and the needs of the department through consistent

     a. Works independently on tasks, problem-solving 
     b. Asks for clarification or further information where necessary
     b. Resolves issues or potential issues proactively
     c. Acts resourcefully to accomplish job when supervisor is not available
     d. Continually learns new skills and information where relevant
     e. Uses mistakes to further own knowledge and competence

Appreciation of Diversity
        a. Listens to different perspective non-defensively and without anxiety
        b. Learns from people of different backgrounds or perspectives
        c. Works productively with people from different backgrounds, or with
            difference perspectives
        d. Forges professional relationships with people of different backgrounds
             or perspectives

Communication Skills
        a. Writes clearly, effectively, and with proper audience(s) in the mind
             within context or position
        b. Speaks clearly, effectively, and with proper audience(s) in mind within
            context of position
        c. Writes clearly, effectively, and with proper audience(s) in mind within
            context of position
        d. Utilizes good listening practices

Team Work
        a. Works effectively with others
        b. Uses conflict resolution skills to resolve or defuse disagreements
        c. Articulates team goals and wants to reach those goals
        d. Develops and maintains positive relationships with team members
        e. Acts in ways that influence team members positively
        d. Develops understandings of larger work-related matters such as
             human motivation, conflict management, group dynamics, and effective
             work processes